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Karijini Canyoning Adventures

WA Weekedender on Channel 7 Feature for Twilight Abseiling

Client video. Made by someone who came for an abseiling day & loved it so much ... they made a video!! :)


Promo Video for Abseiling & Climbing

Valley of the Giants, Walpole, Tree Climbing - sadly not something we run anymore, but we thought we would leave these up to show the history of the business. Spacechameleon Adventure Co  came into being climbing trees and abseiling at the Walpole Tree Top Walk in 2014. Back then we were the first people in WA to climb into the canopies of trees. As far we know no one else has done this since. Canopy adventures exist in the form of zipline and high ropes course, but not climbing up a rope 40 meters into the canopy of a giant eucalypt. Who knows ... maybe we will find someone who has the right energy for this in the future. The Tree Top Walk ceased to see it's value shortly after we began. A valid reason was never given. We went on to grow as a business, always looking for new unique adventures ;)

Abseiling UPSIDE DOWN at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk WA.

6 years old ... 25 meters up a Karri!! Kate was an absolute star, and is WA's FIRST female commercial!!! :) Tree Climbing at the Valley of the Giants Tree

Top Walk in Walpole

Happy Customer conquering her fear of heights and proud kids :)

Fastest Climber to date and first person upside down descending

4.5 years old ... 30m up a Karri :)

6.5 years old ... 40m up a Karri

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