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Reducing Our Footprint

At Spacechameleon Adventure Co we take our impact and what we can do to reduce our environmental footprint seriously. As well as being a 100% Plant Based Business, which we believe is the single biggest thing anyone can do immediately to reduce their carbon footprint (read more here: Why Plant Based?), we also contribute money from our tours to planting trees through Carbon Positive Australia. For all Perth and South West based Adventures, we contribute $2 per person. For all Karijini based Adventures, we contribute $4 per person.

We offset all our vehicles through Greenfleet Australia by paying an annual fee to plant trees. For hire vehicles and flights used whilst running our Adventures, we use offset programs through corresponding agencies. In addition to this, we encourage all clients to do the same where possible.

Personally and for all of our staff, super contributions go into a Future Super fund. Future Super is the only superannuation fund in Australia that 100% free from investment in thing that harm the planet and all things that live on it like, fossil fuels, animal agriculture, weapons, uranium mining and nuclear energy, tabaco, gambling etc. Divestment is a something everyone can do immediately and has a very big impact on how our world operates. Putting your money where your heart is.

We also follow the 7 leave no trace principles, which is an inherent part of all our outdoor activities.

  1. Plan ahead and prepare

  2. Travelling and camping on firm ground

  3. Dispose of waste correctly

  4. Leave what you find

  5. Minimise the impact of the campfire

  6. Respect wildlife

  7. Be considerate of hosts and other visitors

Please feel free to have a chat with us about what we do and what you can do also, to help work towards a better future for our planet and all species that live here. In the meantime why not consider a plant based diet, and/or look at offsetting your carbon by joining one the organisations we support and/or divesting your superannuation. Clicking on the highlighted names above, will take you directly to their sites to check out what they do, and which of their products work best for your circumstances. 

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